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We believe that privacy is an essential right. Providential Enterprises, LLC ("Providential", "we", "us"), an organization that supports and promotes freedom, does not collect any personal information through its website unless expressly provided by you through your direct interactions with us (like using the contact form).

Data collected

For our own understanding of how our visitors are interacting with our website, we collect the data described below. The data we collect would not allow us to identify a person or organization. Also, we do not share this data with any third parties (we don't use third-party scripts or analytics) because that would violate your privacy.


We will use your IP address to try to determine your country of origin. We say "try" because we use translation tables from IP address to physical location that are not 100% accurate but are helpful at large. We discard the IP address after making this determination.

Visited page

The web address or uniform resource locator (URL) of the page you visited on our site.


The server date and time at which you visited.

Desktop, tablet, or phone

We will use your user-agent string to try to determine whether you are visiting from a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. We say "try" because the user-agent string can be easily manipulated. After analyzing the string, we discard it.